Subdivision & commercial Lawn Care Service

Lawn Co. has specialized in HOA and subdivision lawn care and landscaping maintenance for over 35 years and performs the following services:

You're in Good Hands

Because of our extensive experience in community property management, we are familiar with homeowner’s association rules and standards and are knowledgeable about setting up a new subdivision and similar landscape for all the houses. Before we begin, our certified landscape designer will help you design a plan that fits your commercial grass cutting and yard landscaping service needs, and our licensed and insured commercial landscape contractors will implement that plan with as many services as you need.

When you hire an HOA lawn care and landscaping company, you are investing in a commercial business that will provide services to keep the look and upkeep of your community consistent. These funds come from HOA dues and while some may complain about the cost, it is a very necessary investment. Your subdivision landscape areas will be clean, attractive, and functional without you having to buy or maintain equipment, assume extra liability, or purchase and keep plants and trees alive on your own!

seasonal color

One of the biggest benefits of local seasonal color landscaping services by a landscape design company is the ability to create color and texture that helps to set your property apart from others. A business landscaper will help you increase curb appeal by brightening up your walkways, enhancing your entryways, and providing splashes of color that complement the season.

Our professional landscape designers can help you develop a plan to beautify your space and attract more customers to your place of business. By hiring a commercial landscaper trained in plant care who knows the best annual plants to grow in the spring, summer, and autumn, your space will look fabulous all the time. Each season will have its own appearance and feel, and your space will appear fabulous all year round.

We typically update seasonal color beds two to three times a year. It is common for annual plants to share space with landscape installations, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Site-specific plants will be installed based on your preferences and whether or not the area is in full sun, partial shade, or complete shade.

additional maintenance services

We strive to do all we can to keep your plants healthy and vibrant to help your place of business stand out against the crowd.